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We can read your mind that you want to know all about this incredible solution that could make you a global brand with a large scale and outreach.

We unveil the new-fangled player in the marketing town, Google Shopping Ads!

Google Shopping ads are just not simple ads. They are efficient at global outreach in carrying rich product information from product images, price, reviews, and your brand name. You, too, would have come across such ads when you are already searching for products of a similar kind.

Google shopping ads are a solution for improving the visibility and profitability of your e-commerce business. 

Customizing Google Shopping Ads Campaigns

The Google Shopping Campaigns are a fully customizable picture of your brand and product that is to be advertised. You can manage, organize, and optimize your ads through this shopping campaign. It also comes with robust analysis and benchmarking tools to monitor and measure the impact of your campaign’s performance.

All you need to do is create campaigns for your shopping adverts in Google Ads, and your product gets going. Easy, right?

Google shopping ads can drive the right traffic for your brand for better conversions & revenue. Let’s get you more gen about how does Google Shopping Ads Campaign works for your business.

Step 1: Search and show up!

Every and any time a person, who is a potential customer, makes a relevant query for the product you sell, then Google displays an image and price of your product, which is linked and ready to be taken on board.

 Step 2: That’s it!

That is what Google Shopping Ads do for your commerce. It gets your products in front of online customers faster than any other method – and FYI, your competitors are already doing this.

Apparently, Google shopping marketing campaigns are more accessible than any other tool. The reality is that managing these shopping ads campaigns for any size business can be confusing and time-consuming. This buys rigorous time that you would have invested in your business otherwise.

So this is where you need a Google shopping management agency, just like us.

Our team has often heard that people do not get the results they intended out of their current marketing campaigns. At Prime Marketing Experts, we create, organize, and optimize Google Shopping ads, while customizing a strategy to increase your return on investment and augment your revenue. We market your marketing campaigns, the right way!

About Our Google Shopping Management Agency Services

Prime Google Shopping campaigns is a subset of Prime Marketing Experts services. We are a seasoned e-Commerce digital marketing agency with expertise in building customized, scalable Google Shopping campaigns for any size e-commerce businesses, small to large!

We put our heart at driving traffic and success for your brand!

As a Google Shopping agency, we help business owners and marketing managers to:

·        Slash down marketing costs: Reduce customer acquisition costs on Google and other platforms like Facebook or Instagram by streamlining marketing funnels, improving audience targeting, and incorporating more compelling advertisements

·        Upgrade ranking: Increase search engine rankings with our advanced SEO solutions, while running Google Ads campaigns to dominate search engine visibility.

·        High conversion rates: Google Shopping Ads offer the highest intent form of advertising We also improve website conversion rates by securing landing pages and A/B testing product pages.

Expert Team. Big Ideas. Exceptional Results.

We provide Google Shopping campaign management for business owners or marketing personnel. We have countless years of experience providing marketing solutions that deliver a high rate of success.

Whether you have a new or a well-established business and need a fresh set of eyes, we talk to find and strategize a data-driven plan to help you accomplish your goals. Here is a brief layout of our working style.

1.     Gather information: 

First, we connect with you to discover the vertical of products you trade, its completive landscape, your goals, and loopholes in your current google shopping structure.

2. Strategize:

We then formulate customized Google shopping campaigns that will cater to your needs. One size does not fit all! Our team creates a campaign in Google Merchant Centre and then use specialized retail-centric tools to manage it. This brings us to the next step, feed management.

3. Manage feed:

We create a product feed that enlists all the details like price, description, specific information and buying options. The description is the key element of your product category. For each product vertical of any business, the structure of the feed and campaigns is different. The same is designed with careful attention to the details of the product that you want to advertise.

4. Optimization:

After designing and setting up the feed, we also help you monitor and optimize the marketing campaign’s performance using a combination of Google shopping tools and our sophisticated technology. This helps keep a check on the progress of your campaigns, including how much each acquired customer spends.

Why You Should Choose Us?

Our team of marketing experts has helped many brands or businesses achieve increased visibility for numerous businesses through Google Shopping Ads.

We ace at service of Google Shopping in scaling up your e-Commerce marketplace. And all these years of experience and award-winning performance have enabled us to dominate Google Shopping Ads Campaign profitably while excluding the common glitches associated with this platform.

Here are several other reasons:

  • Control your purchases:

Revenue increases by winning more clicks from high purchase intent customers, redistributing wasted ad spend from low-intention awareness queries.

  • Constant optimization:

We dynamically keep on learning and changing the marketing strategies to manage with high- frequency bidding, which keeps us ahead in this ever-changing market.

  • Prime performers:

We promise to amplify the engagements, nearly tenfold, than what other regular ad agencies and format serve. We help to attract the targeted audience to your blogs, website, apps, and much more.

  • Amplify brand rapport:

Our service helps you reach out to a potentially suitable audience across the globe by increasing brand awareness, leads, and sales.

Reach your best customers and be “Globified”.

Achieving the Best Results With Google Shopping

You should now be in a state to consider whether Google Shopping Campaign is the best marketing channel!

You can also seek our 24×7 support from our specialists, get more insights, and help to identify more about this and other suitable marketing channels to boost your business’ growth.

You need to connect to understand more about your business goals and challenges that can be tackled through our Google shopping management service and rightly using each penny you invest in it.

 You need to connect with us if you are invisible to your customers because we help brands to sail through the competitive market by gaining more visibility. 

You need to connect with us now if you want to increase your ROI by 127% critically faster. 

You need to connect with us if your marketing is costing too much yet is not giving you significant sales. 

The right time to retain our Google shopping management services and us is NOW! Shopping ads are prime real estate within Google!

We’re not a churn-and-burn agency but put our heart in all our marketing services for our clientele. So, why wait? Contact us today to become a believer in our marketing solutions and learn your business story, ambitions, and way to reach it.