Mobile App Development that Builds Brands

Is your business still not pacing forward, but your competitors’ is?

If the answer is no, you need to ask if your business is ready for a mobile app.

Ask whether your business is ready to provide a mobile experience that can show your bigger picture on a smartphone screen.

If these words are alienating, you really need to find out all the answers below, from your what, when, how to ifs and buts!

From email campaigns to social media marketing, there are a plethora of digital marketing services that help your business grow and improve brand recognition. However, mobile application development can elevate your digital marketing, branding, and loyalty initiatives to a new level. It is a one-stop-shop and bulletproof solution to differentiate your business from your competitors in the business ring.

Custom Mobile Application Development

Wondering what it can do to your business?

Well, mobile app development actually results in WONDERS for your business. It not only makes your business handy for your customer and generates great revenues, but surprisingly it slashes down your business cost by reducing your requirements for engaging more employees. In fact, the custom mobile application of your business functions as your virtual employee. A mobile app can also dramatically improve the experience that you offer at an event or tradeshow.

Killing Two Birds With One Stone Produces Increases Profitability!

This is the reason that customized mobile applications are gaining momentum, and we, as Prime Marketing Experts, will magnetize your business for revenues and clientele. We make your business gain traction from your audience by curating a flexible and comprehensive custom mobile app solution for a seamless mobile experience of your business. You dream it; we create it!  It is completely personalized and tailored to suit your business need.

So read on to learn about our superpowers to transition your big or small business to 6 inches screen through a mobile app. Let’s the next-gen of your business start now!

Did you know that on average, there are about 60 applications downloaded on a mobile phone? Hard to believe? Check your mobile phone. Gotcha!

Our toolkit for personalized mobile application development creates innovative technology solutions to empower your business or brand. This makes you capable of serving your customers better and keeps your game strong in the rapidly evolving business world.

These tiny smart apps are powerful solutions to include in your marketing tool arsenal. In addition, they have extensive outreach because the popularity of the mobile phone is at the prime. Our feature-rich customized mobile application is vital and needs of the hour to skyrocket your business’ customer base and revenue. We add value to your valuable business. It all dates back to times when Android and iPhone became the pioneers of the smartphone market, such that developing Android/ iOS apps became the greatest. And now, even a small scale business or a start-up is upgrading itself with high scale apps.

Now, put your thinking caps on and choose the right company that will fulfill your mobile app needs, whether it would be android or iOS. But in our opinion, you should develop within both platforms.

Why choose Android App Development Services for your business?

Since Google Play Store is one of the largest mobile app marketplace, you can get inspired on what you should build to appeal to the millions of Android users. No reason better than that justifies the development of mobile applications for Android devices. As an award-winning Android app development company, we understand this and have built the strongest Android development team on our premises. Whether for smartphones, portable devices, or TV, the end-user experience we offer is unrivaled. We sit down with our clients to comprehend their business objectives and achieve them with the best technology stack and expertise.

Why choose iOS App Development Services for your business?

IOS apps generate the highest revenue. No wonder entrepreneurs are opting for the development of personalized iOS apps on all Apple devices. As a trusted iPhone app development company, we boldly turn your idea into reality, prepare it to profitably generate revenue, and present it by assimilating technologies beyond your imagination. Be it iPhone, iWatch, or iPad; we develop applications for all these devices, with unique user experience. Our team can adapt iOS solutions to focus on specific business needs. How do we do it? By defying the standard to make your mobile application stands out.

That said, our prime experts are highly capable developers with a breadth of experience and skill to comprehend the distinctive requirements of your business and accordingly design feasible mobile application that ace in all aspects, from the friendly user interface to excellent user experience.

How Prime Mobile Apps Help Your Company?

  • Scaled up efficiency:

With augmented employee productivity that drives ROI, smartphone apps can perform a diverse function for your business. Each custom app that we build have parameters customized to your business needs and can be scaled up easily with few clicks!

  • Hassle-free maintenance:

Our custom-built apps for your business are guaranteed to integrate well with your pre-existing online marketing tools and functions error-free without any glitches. By developing your own personalized business app, you access complete control, and it is well-sought for easy maintenance.

  • Improved customer relationship:

Custom mobile applications are a toolkit to send real-time and personalized updates for your product lines and services to your existing consumers. In addition to that, you can also receive details and feedbacks from your clients to build rapport and healthy relationships with customers.

  • Direct marketing channel:

Our personalized mobile applications are enriched with features, including product information, pricing, updates, buying options, and push notifications to targeted customers, which also acts as a direct medium for marketing. They have your app, and every time they scroll through their phone, your brand is embossed in their mind.

  • Fastest turnaround time:

Not only price each custom-built mobile app reasonably, but also we create and launch them quickly into the market. Time is money, and we swear by these words. Our app developers use components that are unique for your app, offering advantageous and well-designed features to balance the quality, speed, and price.

Our Prime Mobile App Development Process

We have a highly efficient and crystal-clear process to excel in all niches of mobile app development. Our strict process aligns business goals and honors our promised timeline while we make a beautiful platform to grow your business!

  • Ideation:

Everything begins with one idea!

It’s good to see you glued and holding on to the details of this versatile tool! And since the application idea has crystallized fully in your mind, the next step is to strategize to make it happen. That is where you need prime experts.

You need us! Our app developers with the right skills and expertise brainstorm to set everything in motion after determining concepts for your app.

  • Requirements:

We gather requirements to curate a list of features that are critical to making your app attain its business goals, functionality, and then smoothly launch it. In addition, we thoroughly understand your requirements by performing competitive analysis, which identifies prime competitors in your field and craft apps that give you an upper edge against them.

  • Designing:

After defining a strategy based on your requirements, we begin to position the building blocks for your app. Our prime developers create a structure of the app with inclusive elements such as the features and screen to be displayed. It is a map for the app!

After developing and thorough testing of wireframes and high fidelity prototypes, we create final workflows to map out the journey of the app user.

  • Develop-Test-Develop

After successfully designing the outline of your app, our teams test code by following a standardized iterative process.

We make your dream idea come to life.

We develop custom mobile applications by implementing styles and functional elements and assign them to the Quality Assurance department for reviewing and reporting bugs if any. The testing protocol includes functional testing, performance testing, app behavior, and user-friendliness.

The process is sprinted, and the test results are shared with you as well.

Therefore, you are also our team member because we agree that “great things in business are done by a TEAM and not just one person”.

  • Deploy & Maintain:

After assembling and verifying all the bits and pieces, your idea then becomes a reality when we take your app live and launch in the iOS App Store or Google Play. But that’s not all; we have more to offer on the plate.

We constantly monitor, analyze, improve, maintain, and update the app to keep it up to its best performance.

This is our style of how we provide exceptional service that keeps us at the top of our game to also keep you on the top of your game.

Get in touch with us for your custom-built mobile apps! We will combine your objective and technological solutions to achieve your business goals because, with more than 2 million apps on the Google Play and 1.85 million on App Store, mobile apps are expected to generate $200 billion in revenue by 2021. So engage yourself to increase brand exposure, distribution, and optimized tactics.