Google Ad Grant Management That Grows Nonprofits

Do you manage a nonprofit organization but want to make the most of your digital marketing initiatives?

Do you want your nonprofit organization to scale revenue & impact?

Well, it’s time to amplify and accelerate your nonprofit‘s reach with Prime Marketing Experts Google Grant Management services!

Are you thinking about how this can be possible when you are short on funds?

Google can be your savior. Yes, thankfully, Google offers a program that allows nonprofit organizations, just like yours, to advertise and promote their organization using Google Ads free of advertising costs. It acts as the beginning of great experiences for people who care about your cause.

Google Grant Management | Prime Marketing Experts

What is a Google Ad Grant?

Google Grants is a program for nonprofits run by Google which offers eligible nonprofits with $10,000 per month that they can spend on Google Adwords.

This unique search engine advertising program features your organization prominently when people search for keywords associated with the ad, and searchers will see that ad copy at the top of the Google search results. While it is easy to set up a Google Grant account, but to make it a successful venture; you might need some serious Google Grant Management strategies up your sleeves.

Did you know you could lose your Google Grant if it fails to hit certain metrics?

Yes, you need to meet requirements such as maintaining a minimum 5% click through rate, get a 3 or higher quality score on all keywords, and have valid conversion tracking that reports a minimum of one monthly conversion event.

Seems hard to you?

Here enters our skillful Google Grant Management team. We will take and help you through the whole process so that you can focus on just helping the world.

Simply put, with the right and innovative approach, your Google Ad Grant account can help you bring more traffic to your site, and increase visibility for your worthy cause. It can attract more volunteers and donations than ever before.

And, who wouldn’t want this?

Don’t have a Google grant yet? Don’t worry; Prime Marketing Experts can help you out!

We can help you create Google Ads Grant campaigns for every one of your programs, services, and areas of focus. By selecting the right keywords for every campaign, we write tempting ads that stand out in search results. Along with this, we ceaselessly test various campaigns to improve performance. We will also get your nonprofit organization approved as a part of our service.

Just enlighten us on your goals and objectives, and leave it to the EXPERTS! We make Google Ad Grant Management simple.

What Is Our Google Grant Management Process?

Google Grant Management includes everything that your nonprofit organization needs to improve your search engine presence in front of an audience that cares about your mission.

What do we do in our Google Grant Management services to surpass your campaign goals? Here is the list!

  • We provide free assistance to help your organization successfully complete the Google Grant Application process
  • Set up your Google Grant Account using methods that ensure continued eligibility
  • Link Google Ads Grant Account to Google Analytics
  • Conduct keyword research and implement relevant keywords
  • Creating engaging ad copy that is optimized for a high quality score
  • Monitoring the performance of your ads
  • Establishing Conversion Tracking aligned with each goal of your organization
  • Continuously optimize your Google Grant account according best practices policies. We implement broad match keywords when clickthrough is above 5% to increase visibility, and continuously optimize advertisement copy.
  • Receive a monthly report the level of performance of your Google Grants campaign drives, and how it contributes to the specific goals of your nonprofit organization

More Solutions That Increase Google Grant Management Performance

We know organizations need out of the box solutions to handle some of the toughest challenges. We, at Prime Marketing Experts, help provide game-changing solutions to nonprofits like yours that maximize the benefit of your Google Grantaccount, whether you are looking to accelerate volunteer and donation acquisition, increase brand awareness, generate more revenue, or scale social impact. All in all, we want to support organizations that are changing the world for good.

We can provide solutions that help you maximize results at every point in your audience‘s journey, whether it is volunteers, staff, or donors. You can develop better relationships with your audience when you pair up email marketing services with your Google Ad Grants campaign. Furthermore, you can develop your organization‘s brand with our social media marketing services.

We strive to help as many nonprofit organizations as we can by maximizing the value of your Google Ad Grant.

You are doing the GOOD work, and we want to be a part of it!

Google Ad Grants can be a powerful tool within your marketing and fundraising strategy! Make the most of it with us!

Free Google Ad Grants Application Assistance!

If you want to qualify for a Google Ad Grants Account, your nonprofit organization must fulfill the following eligibility requirements set forth by Google:

  1. Your nonprofit organization must hold a valid 501c3 charity status.
  2. You must acknowledge and agree with the necessary certifications concerning nondiscrimination and donation receipt and use of Google.
  3. You must have a high-quality and engaging website that meets the Google Ad Grant website policy.
  4. You must gain approval through the process of completing the Google Ad Grant Application after you have enrolled in Google for Nonprofits.

Our Google Grant Management experts will assist your organization in applying for this impactful program so Google won’t reject your organization based on a technicality you may easily overlook.

Why Prime Marketing Experts?

  • Google Certified

Need we say more? Yes, we are Google Ad Grant certified, and we can offer the best and help your organization keep up with the good work.

  • Full Flexibility

We have have customized plans available on month to month terms so that you can stay agile and flexible.

  • Weekly Optimized Campaigns

We optimize each Google Ads account at least weekly to give your attention needed to maximize results.

  • We Have Dedicated Customer Support

With us, you have easy access to your personal Google Grants Manager via email round the clock. Also, we make regular check-in calls and keep you in loops regarding the progress of your campaigns.

  • We Can Create Unlimited Ad Groups Within Your Google Ad Grants Account

With Prime Marketing Experts, you don’t have to worry about the number of your campaigns. If you need, we will create unlimited ad groups and campaigns to help you reach the most ideal audience.

  • We Develop Compelling Ads

Yes, we create each Google Grant Ad to be engaging enoguh to maxmize the click through rate for your entire campaign.

  • We Create Amazing Landing Pages

Is your landing page not enough? Is it not getting the desired clicks? Well, leave it to us, and we will help you create a click-worthy landing page that can abet you get the most out of your campaign potential.

  • We Assess The Performance Of Your Google Grant Campaign

We track your account‘s success by measuring a number of metrics. We will measure your campaign‘s performance and improve your strategy to get the best results month after month.

Our KPIs Measure The Performance Of Your Google Ad Grant

  • CTRIt’s unmistakably imperative to know how many people are really clicking on your ads. Assessing your CTR (Click-Through-Rate) can help you figure out which of your keywords and ads are generally relevant to your audience and prompt them to click on it. We also use CTR to see which ad copy drives the most outcomes.
  • Keyword Quality ScoreYou can determine the quality of your keywords using Google‘s quality score of 1 to 10. If your keywords are ranking 1 or 2, we quickly change keywords to ensure compliance with Google policies.
  • Impressions: On the off chance that your keywords are excessively explicit, you risk passing up search traffic. So, you should analyze your keywords to see which ones have the lowest number of impressions and decide whether there are more extensive keywords varieties that may attract more eyes.
  • Conversions: We measure the volume of meaningful conversions, as we report the volume of phone calls, donations, and inquiries to meet a key requirement to comply with Google policies, and to measure the amount of revenue or impact the campaign makes on your organization.

Still curious about how much the free advertising through the Google Ad Grant program will benefit your nonprofit organization? Don’t worry, give us a call, and our experts with extensive experience will answer all your questions that you might have regarding this amazing program.

Grow Your Nonprofit Today With Google Grants!