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Enhance Your Search Engine Presence With Advertising Services on Google, Bing, Yahoo & Yelp!

Yes, having a website is not enough! 

Did you know 75% of people say search engine (PPC) ads make their search easier? And, according to a recent survey, 63% of people say they’d click on a Google or Bing Ad.

Moreover, the annual growth rate of search engine advertising is 9.4%, which is expected to reach US$142.5 billion by 2021.

Intrigued much?? 
Yes, you need search engine advertising services ASAP!! 

Whether you are a well-regarded enterprise or a budding startup, if you want to scale up your profits, we are your people.  Prime Marketing Experts has a team of success-driven and result oriented professionals who strives you provide the highest possible ROI on all projects.

Search Engine Advertising Best Practices

Search Engine Advertising is…

Search Engine Advertising lets you display your paid ads directly among the search results on different search engines.

Simply put, if you are using search advertising to showcase your ads to visitors searching for specific keywords, you will need to pay a fee every time your ad is clicked.

PPC advertising will also raise brand awareness since it builds positive experiences with your brand’s products and services.

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Increasing Google & Bing Ad Rank To Improve ROI!

So, want someone to manage your search engine ads? Well, we have got you covered,

Be it Google, Bing, Yahoo, or Yelp, our search engine advertising services know how your business can get leads and increase brand recognition through a multi-platform strategy.

Through strategically bidding on keywords and structuring advertisement messaging and targeting, we focus on growing your business profitably by increasing conversions. We make certain that your website receives the highest quality visitors and conversions possible.

We will help you reach your full potential and make a strong presence on the web. By customizing every project based on our client’s goals and needs, we will help you convert traffic from Google while reducing your CPA.

Need SEO or search engine advertising services? Discuss with us to get reasonable packages. Call to get a quote now!

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Our Search Engine Advertising Process

PPC Advertising matters for your brand.

We do not just place you on the first page of your search engine results; we follow Google’s guidelines and best practices to get you within the top three results of the SERP.

With the help of our skilled digital marketing team, we start by doing competitive research for your business. You will get a ranking report and how your competitors are performing and what our strategies will be to race out your competitors.

Then, we will perform a keyword analysis for you and find the most searchable and relevant keywords for your market. We create your ads and extensions to be engaging and we focus on why users should patronize your business. Also, we make sure to monitor your current PPC campaign to determine what works best for your business.

With Prime Marketing Experts, you can be certain that you are in good hands! We will increase the conversion rate of your website, and not just increase traffic.

Up your Search Engine Marketing game with us!

Who Are We?

We, as your digital marketing expert partners, critically analyze the requirements of your brand and website and engage solutions that influxes higher website traffic using the keyword-advertising toolkit to generate viable leads to get your business going. We are recognized as top players amongst digital marketing service agencies.

And our actions speak for ourselves!

How Do We Work?

Our SEM (search engine marketing) solutions are simple but effective in promoting and boosting all businesses by defining highly relevant keywords.

The key criteria are to identify such key search terms, which are used by the user to find similar content or website and then create a draft text for your ads.

For every query that is entered, a comprehensive check-system of search engines like Google, Yahoo, or Bing determines and displays the suitable advertisements that are relevant and possibly help users. The entire process of finding, listing, ranking, and re-ranking the potentially appropriate ads happens in milliseconds!

That said, the position of your ads is strategic, and one of the major factors for an SEM campaign to be successful and advantageous against your competitors. The relative ordering and positioning depend on the degree of relevance and what is your CPC bid when the user clicks on your advertisement.

Therefore, you Pay Per Click, and we are your Pay Per Click Destination!

Now, as a Search Engine Marketing specialist, we meticulously invest ample time and attention on each stage of your campaigns- from its development and execution to its maintenance.

Prime Marketing Experts enhances your website’s performance because your potential client is redirected here after clicking on ads. Therefore, we also offer landing page optimization to further strengthen your PPC campaigns.

We are proud to be a Yelp Ads Certified Partner, which is a leading consumer review site. We strategically for Yelp Ads for select clients as it offers a much higher conversion rate than Google or Bing. Also, we are able to target advertisements more closely toward customers with the highest purchasing intent.

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What Do We Offer?

Comprehensive On-Page Optimization Strategy:

Search Engine Marketing and its cousin Search engine optimization offer great tactics for your webpage. And we are masters at it. Things that we do “on” your page include using the right keywords at the right places throughout your site, social media sharing options to attract more shares and traffic.

This answers search queries of users effectively rather than bombarding with unwanted information.

Link Development:

The ads redirect to your website, which we can optimize to provide the best on-page experience to maximize results. We engaging buttons and provide eye-catching best links, with a tagline and an image to draw attention.

Prime Marketing Experts strategizes skillfully to boost your website’s usability and makes it user- intuitive for a great experience and high conversion rate. Optimizing your website is crucial because your ad should lead to highly refined content. This will increase the quality score of your advertisements, which will reduce how much you pay for each click and will help you attain better ad ranking.

Drive Website Traffic:

For a new website, search engine marketing is the first and foremost step to attract subscribers. Our SEM campaign encompasses everything required to grab attention to your webpage on organic search lists. This is our prime objective to direct a stream of visitors to your webpage


We optimize the ads and linked pages to maximize the number of visitors to your site. The possibly suitable adverts are ranked by quality and relevance, and we ensure all measures to keep on the top of the list on all searches.

Competitive Keyword Research & Analysis:

You must have heard the best search experience depends on the quality and relevance of the content. However, keyword research is just as important.

The basic goal of a competitive analysis is to get an extensive view of who is standing against and where your opportunities are. And, if you think you can search for relevant keywords by just using an online tool, you are wrong.

Keyword research is so much more than that. If you want to outrank your competitors, you need to dig deep and look for a golden keyword that will give you high ROI.

By unveiling the keywords that drive traffic to your competitor’s website, we always make sure that you stay one step ahead of them. We follow certain tactics, not just one tool, to find what will suit you and your business the best.

Site Map:

We provide site maps so that the search engine has to navigate fewer links to find the relevant content. With a precise and sound site map, the search engine’s journey is cut down, which increases the quality score. A higher quality score will potentially reduce the per-click cost of your advertising and will help attain better ad rank positions.

Brand Promotion: 

Prime Marketing Experts provide exceptional search engine marketing services that boost your brand rapport and awareness of the website pacing out your competitors. We also provide analytical reports to show directed traffic. Therefore, by using keyword services with ads, search engine advertising is an effective tool to augment the brand’s visibility.

Digital Presence:

It is our secret weapon to create a family of sites and social networks around your hub sites to enhance your brand’s network. This captures more visitors on the rim of your presence and redirects them to your webpage.

Our marketing strategists advise you to have a strong web presence that advertises your brand name and direct people to your URL. The presence is emphasized and managed on other accounts related to the user like YouTube, Facebook, Instagram, Flickr, etc.

Display Advertisements:

We integrate retargeting through Google Display Network to further build your brand while portraying it in a creative light. Display advertisements are a great opportunity to advertise to a wide audience or retarget an audience that has already visited through a search ad.

Steady Advertisements:

Our SEM campaigns show great results because we advertise your website during the times that best amplify profitable search engine traffic, which in turn creates more visibility in the eyes of visitors. We improve performance and ranking by analyzing results and making adjustments to focus on high performing strategies while eliminating ineffective aspects of a campaign.

High-Performance Marketing:

Our agency provides high-performance SEM solutions to convert traffic as per your needs and consultation. The overall marketing plan for your website increases your return on investment as we provide measurable performance.

High Conversions:

Above all, search engine ads not only brings in higher traffic but also consequently contributes to converting potential customers to a customer, which increases sales and services. And it is possible to determine the rate of conversions.

If you assume search engine marketing is not an effective tool for your marketing campaign, then as a gentle reminder, there are 1 trillion or more websites hanging on the web. So good luck being found RANDOMLY!