Restaurant POS Solutions That Drives Growth

Get The Best In Class POS That Streamlines Front & Back Of House Operations, Regardless of Sales Channel

Prime Marketing Experts and Square provide best-in-class Restaurant POS solutions that help you manage your restaurant better. Improve your restaurant operations, while getting a better customer experience and cut costs.

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Make Delivery More Customer Friendly & Profitable

Establish & Optimize Delivery Customer Experience & Profitability

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Are you paying a lot of fees to the leading delivery platforms?

  • Route orders from any sales channel straight to your POS
  • Intelligently route delivery orders to the most ideal on-demand delivery service provider.
  • Pay $1.50 per delivered order, plus applicable delivery fees. Pass it all or a portion of it onto your customers to defray these extra costs.
  • Earn an average of $11 extra for example $50 order versus selling on leading delivery platform websites

Self-Service Ordering

  • Reduce labor costs while increasing customer satisfaction and sales growth by deploying self-service ordering at your restaurants.
  • Deploy QR codes that are traced back to each individual table or seat at a stadium.
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Square KDS (Kitchen Display System)

Square KDS
  • Keep Your Whole Restaurant In Sync
  • Manage All Orders From One Screen
  • Handle Your Rushes Better While Reducing Costs With Digital Tickets

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